What Kind of Website Should I Make for Adsense, Many worldwide have a blog or fully operated websites.

They are writing on different topics ranging from blogging tips and tricks to affiliate marketing and more. Many of the blogging websites get a huge amount of traffic while few are getting close to 100.

Make Money With Google Adsense

Now if you are here on this article then it simply means you have a Google Adsense Account or you are trying to get one. Google says you need a website that should be at least 6-month-old with original content.

I got my Google Adsense account approved within 4 months itself and I had around 50 articles on the website.

However, the best part is that I got rejected almost close to 6 times by Google Adsense. It was a total mess. That story some other time…

Google Adsense Earnings certainly depends upon the amount of traffic that you are getting.

If you have a good amount of traffic from some poor countries then your earnings will be low. Because good earning depends on a specific region or USA, Canada, UK.

Below must be a current scenario of your Google Adsense spots on your websites :

  • A 728 Adsense ad banner on the header.
  • A Square shaped banner with text and display both enabled below the Title.
  • A big vertical rectangle on the right side.
  • Rectangle units link ads below the header. ( 2 on many websites)
  • Few more link ads here and there on the right side.
  • It’s because the Google Ad position map told you to do so and you also read the same on many other
  • blogging websites related to Google Adsense.
  • But is it really making a good amount of money?

A few of you must be getting a good CTR as high as 8% and many of you will be in the range of 2-5%. You must be putting so much pressure on how to get a high CTR on your websites.

So Do you think that getting a high CTR will make good money, especially from poor country traffic?

If your answer is YES then you are probably missing a lot more money than you can imagine. Let us examine how.

The biggest reason is that click from poor country visitors gives anywhere between $0.02 to $0.06 on average. You want to be at $0.02 or you want to be at $0.06.

You probably don’t know which ad units are giving you more money. Yes, you can see the data in Google Adsense but are you using it to increase your earnings? I don’t think so.

As far as traffic is concerned, you must put more emphasis on CPC rather than CTR. It will make you more money.

Below are Some Ways Which I Used on My Website Which Resulted In Increased Google Adsense Earning:

Give your Ad Units different names in Google Adsense while creating such as Website Header, and Website below Title which will help you identify them during report checking.

Keep a check on all Adsense Ad units through the ad units tab on the right-hand side while report checking on Google Adsense websites.

Keep the duration to 7 days.

During these 7 days, Check the CTR and CPC of all individual ad units.

After 7 Days, the ad units which are giving you a low CPC such as $0.02 or $0.03, remove from the websites and Ad another ad unit at the same place.

Ad units below the title seem to perform well in terms of both CTR as well as CPC. Add another link ad unit beside it which contains 3 to 5 vertical link ads.

Give the new Adsense Units 7 days and keep a check on their CPC.

Right-hand side ads normally don’t give much CPC. However, you can add a square block ad on the right-hand top side depending upon the position available.

Do it for a month or two, keep adding the new ad units, and check the CPC.

Allow all those units and positions which give you a CPC of $0.05 and above on the maximum number of days.

Add a rectangular link ad unit after the first paragraph of the article.

Don’t remove the header ad unit of 728*. It might give you a bad CPC but its CTR is much higher than any other place on any website.

Adsense also introduced a much bigger size header unit that you can test on your blog/website.

Don’t clutter your website/blog with Google Adsense Ads. I recommend using 2 banner ads with text and displaying both and 3 link units.

If you are getting traffic from the US, UK, or Canada then you can put your ad at recommended positions by Google Adsense and you will get both CPC and good CTR.

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If you have more than one website on which you run ads then make ad units separately for all of them and monitor them separately. Don’t use the same ad unit on multiple websites.

I will highly recommend you guys try out the points mentioned above if your earnings are low. Simply give it a try to increase your earnings. Best of luck.