Benefits of Having a Personal Website, Having a personal website changes a lot of things in this digital world. Almost everything is online. You can access an unlimited amount of information in seconds.

Reasons for Creating a Personal Website

So we need to make sure that we are also able to use this space for ourselves. We can do it only by making a personal website.

You can turn your personal website to showcase your talent in multiple areas. You can write about your goals and aspirations.

You can even showcase your resume for people to find. A few of you must be wondering how people will find you.

Believe me, almost 80% of today’s research happens online first. You can add a contact me page so that people can contact you for the talents you have. It’s a win-win situation.

Creating a personal website is not the biggest challenge

It’s one of the simplest tasks that you will complete in less than 30 minutes. Once you know the steps, it barely takes 5 minutes for the whole process.

Creating a personal website

Many of you don’t know how to code. Well, you don’t need to know. It’s not required. There are content management systems that take care of everything. Within 30 minutes and a few clicks, personal websites will be running.

Here are 10 Reasons as to Why do You Need a Personal Website In Todays World

1) It globalizes your personal identity.

When you create a personal website with your name, people will be able to find yours around the world. The internet is always busy 24*7. There are thousands of people looking online for talented people.

If you have a website on your resume, on your social networking websites like Twitter, and Facebook then your chances will be higher. It’s more like you are creating a virtual portrait of yourself.

2) Contacting you becomes much easier.

Having a personal website enables you to show us how you want to be contacted. It can be via phone, email, Facebook or a simple tweet.

People can find you more on search engines like Google if you include your university/college name, city, and your expertise domain. They will contact you on your preferred mode of communication.

3) It shows your seriousness about networking.

Having a personal website on your resume and on websites like LinkedIn makes a stronger candidate. It shows that you are serious about everything.

Networking is one of the best methods to find opportunities. You never know who will contact you and whom you are going to find.

4) You can show your creative work in one place.

Your personal website will become a one-stop shop for all the work you know. It’s not just about job finding.

You can write poems, show photographs, write stories, showcase your apps, promote your books, write tutorials on cooking, coding, computing, Etc. Hopefully, you are understanding what I want to say. The list is endless. It totally depends on you.

5) It gives you more control over your online presence.

Your social networking website profiles and resume contain a limited amount of information about yourself because you are restricted on world limits and pages.

A personal website is not limited to anything. You have full control over it. You can write extra information about yourself. If someone visits your website they will find everything about you.

6) It separates you from the social networking cloud.

Almost everyone has Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. What they don’t have is a personal website. If you created a personal website then you are ahead of 99% of people.

It makes you look professional. It showcases everything as written in the above points. It is highly beneficial and important for your career.

7) It strengthens your business card.

People who are already working can take the benefit of adding a personal website to their business cards.

People will find you through your website and can know much more. They can see many things that your resume and your work profile don’t show.

8) The personal website sends a strong professional message.

Why do you think the head of state, famous authors, famous sports players, etc.. have their own personal websites?

Because it sends a very clear professional message about them as what they do, what they have achieved, and what they aspire to achieve.

They know the importance of having a website. Thousands of people connect to them through their websites.

9) Connect people from across borders and continents.

There are no boundaries once you are online. If you are an artist, photographer, web designer, app developer, etc.. people will be communicating with you on your website through comments.

You can reply and get engaged. You will almost make a number of good friends.

Having a friend in a different country always benefits you. It also gives you an enormous amount of business opportunities to look out for in the future.

10) You can make money from your website.

There are tons of ways to make money from your website. You can sell your photos, and art. You can charge money to write articles, make apps, and design templates.

You can promote products from Amazon and similar websites to earn a commission. However, it totally depends upon your talent.

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You must create a personal website as soon as possible. We have a complete guide to making a website from scratch in 30 minutes that you can follow and create your first website in the next 30 minutes.

Are there any charges for creating a personal website? Yes, there are but it’s less than $70 per year. Anyone can afford this for 1 year. Having a personal website is highly beneficial as mentioned. You certainly don’t want to wait to join the community of millions online. Best of luck.