Best Double Bit Axe & Camping Axe Reviews, Gerber is one of the best brands manufacturing axes, knives, shovels and many more products. The products are always of the highest quality and many people have multiple products from the Gerber brand.

Gerber Gator Axe Saw combo is another such product that is very useful and much more durable than any other axe in the same category. It can be used on camping/hiking or hunting trips.

The saw provided with the product is very much useful and can be used for tasks like removing small limbs that are in the way while camping trips. You will always find a positive reviews of this product and it also has a close to a 5-star rating on Amazon.

I want to be very clear with you about a few things. Gerber Gator Axe Saw Combo is not a heavy-duty Axe so use it wisely else you will find yourself complaining about the quality of the product.

It’s a lightweight axe. This axe will blow through trees and branches that are 1″-3″ without any difficulty but if you want to take on anything bigger you need to use a bigger axe or saw.

The main reason is that the shaft is hollow so heavy pressure won’t work on this axe.

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Here are important things about the Gerber Gator Axe II Saw Combo :

  • It has a rugged forged steel head that retains the blade edge.
  • It has a longer gator grip handle for maximized grip and great strike force.
  • The glass-filled Nylon handle is extremely rugged but still, it’s lightweight.
  • 15.16 inches is the overall length of the axe.
  • It also includes a nylon sheath in the package.

The nylon sheath is very useful and it can be easily attached to your backpack as the weight of the axe is light, you won’t feel the burden on your back.

Some people always need a very sharp axe so if you are one of those then you need to razor-sharp this axe using a sharpening stone. If you don’t prefer extremely sharp items that can be dangerous at the time then you use the Gerber gator axe as it is.

If you are a frequent camper and want a lightweight useful axe then Gerber Gator is the perfect Axe for you.

If you ever feel uncomfortable about this product, there is a replacement warranty from Gerber. You simply need to inform them that you are unhappy about the Axe and then they will either replace it or refund your money back.

Gransfors Bruks Forest Camping Axe Review

Gransfors Bruks is known for manufacturing ultimate products and the Small forest Camping axe is one of them. You will be amazed by the quality of this product.

It comes razor-sharp out of the box. In fact, it’s sharper than any camping knives that you may have.

The Small Forest Axe has a thin blade and long handle to allow powerful chopping in a packable axe and it’s practical for splitting small sticks or cutting limb wood.

Gransfors Bruks Camping axe has a lifetime warranty. You will also get a catalogue and a leather sheath along with the package.

The catalogue is mainly for warranty purposes in case you want to change it if something happens. So keep the catalogue in a safe place.

The leather sheath is very well made and is of the highest quality possible. Few people say that axe is so sharp that it’s cutting the sheath but if you keep it properly then it’s never gonna cut your sheath.

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Gransfors Bruk’s small forest axe has a five-star rating on Amazon showing it’s the best possible camping axe out there in the market.

I have almost 4 products from transfer breaks and every one of them is perfect. You are going to fall in love with the quality piece of craftsmanship.

Here are some important things that you want to know about this small forest axe :

  • The total Item weight is 2.2 pounds.
  • The dimension of the product is 20X7X1.2 inches.
  • It’s available in two colour sizes: Brown/Black.
  • It has a 19” hickory handle.
  • The leather sheath is also being provided by the company.

The cost can be a problem for a few of you guys but you need to remember one thing this is a Man’s Axe.

When you will see the quality of the axe then you will realize how much incredible a product is compared to the cost.

Secondly, it has a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about anything. You will never regret spending extra bucks for the quality that Gransfors Bruks offers.

If you ever feel that it’s time to sharpen the axe then you can use Lansky Dual Grit Sharpener Stone or Diamond and it will razor sharpen your axe again.

However, before you think to purchase the item

You can buy the sharpener as a combo piece on amazon along with a small forest axe.

It’s also known as the best camping axe and is small and light enough to be carried in a small backpack on your belt for camping and hiking. So if you are looking for the best axe possible, this is it.

Fiskars Splitting Axe Garden Tool Review

Fiskars X-series splitting Axe is one of the best in the world as it got the International Red dot Award for ” Best of the Best” design of its splitting Axe.

You may have used traditional axes at your home which you purchased from your local shop. These traditional axes are normally heavy and less sharp and they are prone to crack & break after a few days.

However, Fiskars X-series splitting axe has an ultra-sharp edge, an advanced product design that makes it perfect for all gardeners and virtually unbreakable.

Due to these qualities, it maximizes your performance in the work.

Fiskars Splitting Axe has a 5-star rating and more than 800 reviews on and It’s ranking number 1 in the Axe category.

Fiskars splitting Axe is available in 4 sizes:-

  • 17 inch
  • 23 1/2 inch
  • 28 inch
  • 36 inch

Due to its many sizes, it’s perfect for different types of people as few people like long handles which help them to cut anything with powers while few people like small handles for cutting.

If your height is more then certainly you will like the 36-inch Axe and not 17 inches. The total weight of the Fiskars 36-inch Axe is 5.8 pounds.

Fiskars splitting Axe is made in Finland and supplied through Amazon. They are nicely designed to be simple and effective. So that your work performance is minimized and you will save a lot of time.

A wide range of Axe styles and sizes is perfect for any gardener. Here are a few more things you may want to know about splitting axe :

  • The Anatomy of an axe

Here is a few work situation in which Fiskars splitting axe is very helpful :

  • Chopping Kindling
  • Splitting Logs
  • Felling Trees
  • Chopping Logs

Due to its superior blade design and virtually unbreakable quality, it has more power at impact. Taller users have an advantage with 36 inches as it offers one strike split of the woods with more power and speed saving your time.

Its fibre comp handle is stronger than stainless steel, it’s not going to break through overstrike.

The blade is hardened and forged and it’s never going to chip or crack. It has a non-stick blade coating which makes it not too stuck in the woods while cutting.

Overall, it’s perfect for all types of Axe work and you must get it. It’s a must gardening tool.